Founder of The Soft Touch Experience

Raised amongst the savvy, distinguished males in many different circles in Chicago, this born and bred skin therapist has it in her DNA to anticipate the needs of her renowned clients.  As a child, she admired the renaissance man that was her father, a well traveled and respected man amongst the West Side community. She continues his legacy of his zest for life, and also his affirming motto of “Your scent is your presence”.


That “Scent Presence”, a quote that reminds you of not only of the scent of a man that is left behind, but also the lasting impression of the man that he has left behind, was one of the cornerstone principles of how a client should be treated and cared for, the brand was created. Excelling in the corporate world for over a decade, she discovered that there was a lack of executive spa services for the gentleman who desired next level luxury treatments with an attention to detail. 


She then honed and devoted to her craft of combining skin and hair care and soon became known as “The Beard Whisperer”, which not only speaks to the level of unparalleled service with each treatment, but the quality of the results for her clients, who leave each session revitalized, educated, pampered and revered like the kings that they are. The Soft Touch Experience is not just the name of the brand, it is the passion point of Tiffiny Nicole that she expresses with every service and consultation. She has enhanced and customized her treatments to address the many skin and beard concerns that face the modern Renaissance man in this ever changing world.